TELL EM: Digital Wellness

TELL EM nudges you to spend less time on your phone — helping you to be present, productive, and happy, while exploring physical social experiences around you.

AI-personalized Physical Experiences

TELL EM leverages your social interests and engagement at peak periods when you spend the most time on social media apps, to recommend personalized physical social experiences.


We understand that social media has the potential to make us less social; TELL EM, brings #realSocial back to social media through in-person experiences.


Tell Em' will always keep you in the loop about upcoming events, and the events that are already available around you. You’ll never miss any event from places you love. We’ll keep you posted on the most important things.


Let’s be honest — life is too short to watch experiences and never partake in them. Chatting, posting, and viewing videos are enjoyable experiences.

Being on social media, watching friends post their images and videos at events is a lot of fun. Yes, we had to admit, social media is a lot of fun. But like anything, it can get tiring when you only watch your friend's experiences, but never get a chance to experience the same.

When this happens, how cool will it be to just swipe up, and buy tickets to that event?

Business Ads

Tell Em'ad products are fun and effective, for every objective. We can help you make the most of your engagement with your customers

How to use Tell Em' for Social Engagement

Step 1

View friend's videos, swipe up to purchase tickets to the events you are watching, and Earn Rewards.

Step 2

Log in or register in Tell Em'. Arrive at event location, share your videos, and Earn Rewards when your friends purchase tickets from your videos.

Step 3

That’s it, no third step needed. Enjoy your time at events while sharing and earning! Don't forget to chat with your friends and let them know you made it!

Download Tell Em' from App Store and log in to your profile.

Watchlist (Want)

Log in to your profile, click ‘See more’ under ‘Your Watchlist’ button, and then click ‘Export this list’.

Ratings (Watched)

Log in to your profile, go to ‘Your Ratings’, click on ‘Export this list’.

Will watch

Download the List


Go to your profile, click the ‘экспорт в MS Excel’ button next to your profile picture, then download the file.


Go to the platform’s main page, choose ‘Выгрузить оценки’, insert your login and password, and download the file with the ratings.

How to use Tell Em' for Event Management

Step 1

User creates event, and event is automatically promoted to friends at no cost.

Step 2

Log in or register User creates event, pays to promote event, Tell Em' promotes event based on chosen demographic.

Step 3

That’s it, Ticket is sold. Watch us do the magic!

Download Tell Em' from App Store and log in to your profile.